David Peleus, Lance Corporal, USMC, is home. Reeling from a bitter deployment to Afghanistan that took the life of a close friend, he seeks the solitude of his father's home. But instead of silence, he finds himself immersed in the lives of three strangers.
Sibyl McGovern is an aging radical from the counterculture movement of the 1960's. Benjamin Nuemiester is the head of the Lysandreia Group, an ascending private-military firm. Melissa Reine is Benjamin's reluctant protege. Each has a need of David, but their plans conflict. 
As David attempts to navigate an interlocking web of motives and plots, he finds his own world increasingly encumbered by a ghostly presence

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Events- In a futuristic metropolis, calculated floods are used to build a sense of community in a yuppie neighborhood, but not all residents feel the same about it. (PDF)

Loyalty- Jacks prowls the night streets working as a hitman. He feeds his victims to a flesh eating monster kept out in the mountains. But after being stung by a sense of resentment, he begins to plot against his employers. (PDF)

The Miner (An Ultima Story)- Reduced to a life of poverty and labor, an aging brigand soon finds his fortunes reversed. (PDF)

King Midas of Cool (Medium)- A satire of the old myth (Also available on this site.)

Academic, etc.
Uranium Mining in Colorado (Colorado Encyclopedia)- A short history of uranium mining within the state of Colorado.


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