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MORE THAN MERE METAPHORS An introduction to the suprahuman THE TERROR OF HISTORY In Mircea Eliade ’s view, ancient peoples believed their myths to occur in a remote ‘sacred time’. Opposite of this was the ‘profane time’ of their own, and our, day-to-day lives. Profane time followed a linear path, accumulating changes and unique events as it went on. Sacred time had a more limited amount of content, usually a cosmic creation, sagas of heroes and gods, a final dissolution, and an eventual rebirth. It was sacred time that was more revered by the ancients. Sacred time was the central point of the cosmos which our world only imitated. We were the incidental bystanders to far greater processes. These cycles may have been natural for the gods and spirits, but our own lives weren’t as predictable. Seeking to overcome the uncertainty of our existence, we once tried to link the events of our personal and communal lives with those of the myths in hopes of gaining a sense of di