About Bernard Conway
I grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois and attended the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale before enlisting in the US Marine Corps. I served with 2nd Tank Battalion and then with 1st Battalion, 6th Regiment. After being discharged, I finished a degree in history from Colorado State University.

The Literary Gist
The biggest jump-start to my imagination came from the myths of Ancient Greece. The open ended and patchwork style of stories within stories, continuous at some points, disconnected at others, always had a strong influence on me. As such, I write fiction that can stand alone but may also overlap with other works. Particularly, I enjoy stories that involve a supernatural or paranormal bent.

Haruki Murakami
David Mitchell
Mary Renault
JG Ballard
William Blake
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Fyodor Dostoyyevsky
George RR Martin
Cormac McCarthy
Umberto Eco
Chris Offutt

Carl Jung
John Gray (the political philosopher, not the relationship counselor)
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Joseph Campbell
Robert Anton Wilson
Mircea Eliade
Manly P. Hall

Ultima Online
Johnny Cash
Oleg Korolev


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