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New Shorty Story, "Loyalty"

Jacks prowls the night streets working as a hitman. He feeds his victims to a flesh eating monster kept out in the mountains. But after being stung by a sense of resentment, he begins to plot against his employers. PDF 

The Glass Bees

The Glass Bees , by Ernst Junger , was originally written in 1957 but was dismissed for lacking any particularly deep insight into its time. Five decades later, it appears the novel was much more prophetic than it originally seemed. The plot takes place primarily in the mind of its protagonist, Captain Richard, as he agonizes over the possibility taking a job as a security officer for an infamous tech company. Zapparoni, the company’s head, has made a fortune in the creation of automatons. Most eminently are his glass bees which function as a prototype of drone swarm technology . What is perhaps most outstanding, however, is Junger’s ability not only to foresee what was to come, but look even beyond that: My query is this: why are those who have endangered and changed our lives in such terrible and unpredictable ways not content with unleashing and controlling enormous forces and with enjoying their consequent fame, power, and wealth? Why must they want to be saints as well?